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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


Maximise IT

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Maximise IT is an established Intelligent Automation provider - our ethos is to support our clients in maximising the value they can create through technology. Our product, SmartFlow Intelligent Automation, is designed to improve operational efficiencies and will vastly improve the service levels that call and contact centres are able to provide. By automating administrative processing of repetitive mundane tasks SmartFlow can save your agents a huge amount of time and effort, and minimise opportunities for data entry errors to creep in.
SmartFlow behaves like a team of virtual agents, enabling your call centre staff to become multi-skilled super agents - improving operational efficiencies such as wrap times, average call handling times ACHT, and first contact resolution FCR. Giving agents more time to resolve highly complex complaints and queries. SmartFlow operates in tandem with your workforce, identifying the most efficient parts of the processes they follow and creating a workflow that can be automated. It`s data centric approach and ability to learn means it can make decisions, whilst allowing the operator to intervene whenever they need, helping you strike the perfect balance between process consistency and human ingenuity.
By introducing SmartFlow to your call centre you can be sure to improve job satisfaction for your agents, reduce absenteeism and improve staff retention. In turn, the improved accuracy and efficiencies SmartFlow provides ensures increased customer satisfaction and reduced operational costs.

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