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Genii Ai

Stand: CC-AH50
Genii provides Descriptive, Predictive and Prescriptive Insights to contact centres by leveraging the Genii Advanced Analytics and Ai platform. Genii is an AI and SaaS Development company. Genii Ai & Analytics, provides artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning solutions to Top 500 companies in the Financial Services, Telco, Healthcare, Insurance, Automotive and Retail sectors. Genii Ai started five years ago to R&D and develop Innovation and Analytic platforms to improve customer service, sales and retentions for B2C companies. During this process Genii developed the first Ai Prediction models to provide `Future State` customer behavioural prediction models that could integrate to digital RPA platforms and chatbot platforms. Genii leverage NLP, Text Analytics and machine learning on platforms such as Google, AWS and Azure for the prediction models. `Everything we R&D is to try and innovate the improvement of the customer experience (CX), and reduce costs associated with Customer Service, while improving Sales and Retaining Customers` - Genii Ai Apart from the Ai platfoms, Genii also provide SaaS solutions such as CEX Analytics, Interaction Analytics and Analytical QA solutions for Contact Centres. Genii has established global partnerships with large technology providers in Africa, UK and US to distribute these Ai assets. Genii employs a combination of Data Scientists, Data Engineers, Software Engineers, Business Analysts, and Visualisation Engineers as part of the R&D Labs.


United Kingdom
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