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Enterprise Bot

Stand: CC-AJ74
With happy customers like Generali, LNER, Swiss Stock Exchange, SIX financials and payment services, Afterpay, SBB, NS Dutch Railways, SWICA and more, Enterprise Bot provides best in class automation for customer conversations. Our customers save up to 40% in cost while improving customer experience with most human-like conversations across all channels: Email Most chat platforms - on the website, WhatsApp, Facebook, Slack, etc. Voice. Smart Devices. Unlike other chatbot platforms, our solution comes out-of-the-box providing the fast deployment of a mature bot from day one. This includes emotional intelligence to recognize when a user is not happy and take appropriate actions including proactively connecting to a human agent. Our Continous Training Engine and Product Engine make sure you never have to call your IT department for maintaining and updating bots following changes in the business environment or user behavior. Our AI doesn't just answer the user's questions, it can fulfill the customer request by getting the task done without the need of a human agent. Once integrated with your existing systems and tools, it provides end to end automation, 24x7, 365 days a year. Enterprise Bot is an AI solution for organizations that want to get the highest ROI along with fast deployment and minimum maintenance. See you at our stand soon.


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