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We help you overcome customer engagement and secure payment challenges by offering you a complete portfolio of solutions through the Eckoh Experience Portal. As secure payments are an integral part of great customer engagement you can take the solutions you need from one supplier, so they work together to create connected customer journeys. And, you simply add new solutions when you need them. ANY OF THESE CHALLENGES SOUND FAMILIAR? • You need to offer more channels to give customers their preferred choice for making secure payments - telephone, web chat, e-Wallet, automated payments, Pay by Bank app - or customer engagement for agent or self-service channels. • You want to embrace self-service to ease the pressure on your agents and save them for more important calls • You`re looking to seriously simplify the whole compliance process - regardless of whether it`s PCI DSS, GDPR, California Consumer Privacy Act, MiFID II, or others If so, come and talk to Eckoh. We`d love to learn your specific challenges and see how we can help you overcome them. Perhaps your challenge is to offer customers their channel of choice. If so, then being able to take any number of customer engagement or secure payment solutions from one provider, as and when you want them could be the answer. The Experience Portal has been created to deliver just this. A cloud-based platform that makes sure you remain flexible and agile to stay ahead of the competition. Or, you want to embrace self-service solutions such as IVRs, Natural Language or Chatbots to take some of the pressure of handling repetitive calls from your agents and lettering customers self-serve where they want to. It means your customers can engage with you at any time that suits them. You could even stay open 24x7x365 by being able to take secure payments through IVR or Chatbot. Maybe your challenge is to make compliance to PCI DSS and other data privacy regulations easier. It that`s the case, talk to us about our Secure Payment solutions that are fully PCI DSS compliant and are the simplest on the market. They truly will reduce the burden of compliance significantly and mean that you can remove all, or part, of your contact centre from the scope of PCI DSS - making it easier to achieve, and maintain, compliance every minute of every day. HOW WE HELP... • Offer their customers their channel of choice - any time, any where on any device • Prevent shopping cart abandonment • Save customers from having to wait in a queue to speak to an agent • Allow easy channel shift • Reduce agent handling time • Help agents to be more effective on higher value, more complex calls • Gain greater insight into customer journeys and preferences • Deliver greater customer experience • Differentiate your customer engagement • Engage customer on their preferred channel, at any time and on a device that suits them. WHY ECKOH? Our unique insight comes from operating our own contact centre for over 20 years. It means we face the same challenges as you and, more importantly, over the years we`ve created the solutions too. We use our own technology because we know that they truly work. No matter what sector you`re in, our customer engagement and secure payment solutions can solve your challenges. Come and talk to us. If you`d like to make an appointment to avoid missing the right person, then get in touch and we`ll arrange it for you.


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