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Stand: 1962
On Stand 1962 - there`s something rather `Scottish` happening.... is it the delicious, tangy aroma of Irn Bru - to be given out to lucky visitors? Is it the vision that is Julia & Phil in Highland dress, kilts, sporrans & plaid sashes regaled in tartan magnificence? Or, perhaps, it`s the energising, innovative and memorable approach to training & development that gets Teams, Team Leaders & Managers on `The High Road` to boost their performances. Every Contact Centre and Sales Operation team needs to be well trained, at every level, to be competitive, commercially effective and to win & retain customers` commitment and confidence. Dickson Training Ltd is perfectly positioned to design and deliver In-House programmes for Call Centre Customer contact Team members, their Team Leaders & Managers and the Sales personnel throughout the UK, Europe, Asia & America. The partnership with the Met Office is a perfect way to illustrate this... When the BBC`s contract with the Met Office was coming to a close - our nation`s weather forecasting organisation needed to have new contracts with the other broadcasters such as ITV and Sky in order to sustain and develop their innovative services that are world-class. Being a scientific community they were not as well versed in commercial and customer-centric behaviours as most Contact Centres - yet they recognised they had to upgrade their teams` approach, which would require effective Professional Customer Care training. Phil Dickson, supported by Julia Belle, designed and delivered a series of Professional Customer Care programmes to the Meteorologists, from Exeter to Aberdeen, which incorporated the innovative REAL PLAY technique. This is where Julia, a talented specialist in Improv, takes the part of a client experiencing issues - drawn from the research case studies - and enacts the scenario (e.g. - Council needs to know if they should grit the roads etc.) with Phil, the Trainer representing the Met Office Meteorologists. How REAL PLAY works - The Actor and Trainer perform the role play(s) as instructed by their respective teams; however during the action they can be paused for further recommendations or direction. The outcome is the responsibility of the team(s) - not the performers. The REAL PLAY sessions are debriefed to capture authentic learning points that are embedded - and they avoid the deeply unpopular, de-motivational & lazy option of pressurizing delegates to perform in `Role-Plays`. This programme was so successful that the Met Office earned the 1st prize in the Top 50 Professional Customer Improvements Award and Phil & Julia`s training was directly credited in their keynote acceptance speech at the London Conference. Shortly after that a contract with Sky was signed up the Met Office - and the ITV agreement was renewed and enhanced. This case study explains why Dickson Training enjoys a 97% return rate from clients wanting to return. As the `Chieftain` of the Dickson Training clan, Phil Dickson has a wealth of experience - deeper than Loch Ness - with more delighted clients than you will find colours in the `Flower of Scotland` Tartan Phil & Julia are wearing on stand 1962. Och Aye the noo!


3 First Avenue
LS17 9BE
United Kingdom
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