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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


Callosseum Contact Centre - Serbia

Contact centre support tailored to your needs, with a proven record of setting up and running dedicated teams for our clients such as Sociate General Bank, Phillip Morris and Porsche to name but a few.

How it works?

•We deliver the whole team
We recruit your team based on your requirements: if you'd like to retain the full control of the recruitment process - we filter through the applicants and organise interviews via Skype. Otherwise, we do it on your behalf and, in both cases, take the full responsibility as an employer.

•Half the price
When all costs are taken into account, the price level is close to half of the alternative for the same candidates in the UK and EU area.

•Flexibility, control and reporting
You can scale the number of employees up or down with only one month notice in the majority of cases. We ensure that your team works as agreed and deal with all the statutory requirements whilst you maintain the control of the daily tasks. You will only receive one invoice per month, cutting down the paper work to a minimum.

Some of the services we provide:

Inbound calls: Help Desk and customer support, overflow call handling and out of hours cover, virtual receptionist...
Outbound calls: follow up calling, lead generation, market research, multi-language capabilities, e-mail and chat support...
Back office: administrative and support services, translation to 50+ languages by native professionals...
Software solutions: our sister company provides high quality, individually tailored software development services.

Why set up a team in Belgrade, Serbia?
Belgrade is a vibrant city with almost 2 million people, attracting a huge number of talented people with high education and a high level of spoken and written English as well as other main European languages. It's a good non-EU location for setting up a growth team that can give their best at the job they do at half the price you'd pay in the EU. Direct, cheap flights from major EU hubs also make it easy to visit Belgrade on a short notice.

Tel: 00 381 11 4252120

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