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Utilizing AI and Deep Machine Learning to Deliver Amazing Voice Experiences

16 Nov 2021
The Future of Customer Contact Theatre

Gone are the days when voice wasn't accurate enough, available in enough languages, or able to understand varied dialects. Having accurate, any-context AI-based speech recognition at the foundation of your automation technologies will enhance and change how you deliver exceptional contact centre customer experiences.

Now more than ever, contact centres are turning to voice to strengthen efficiencies, improve performance, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience. During this 30-minute session, Heiner Kruessmann, VP of Sales and Marketing (EMEA) at LumenVox will discuss how to elevate the customer experience by:

  • Infusing AI and deep machine learning to deliver intelligent customer interactions in various languages and dialects to serve a more diverse user base.
  • Delivering real-time transcription to gain customer insights, upsell opportunities, or coaching moments.
  • Ensuring your customers never need to repeat their inquiries by offering best-in-breed, AI-based speech recognition.
Heiner Kruessmann, VP Sales and Marketing - EMEA - LumenVox

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