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Take back Control of Your Customer Experience Now! Deliver Best-In-Class Customer Service with AI-Powered Intelligent Automation

16 Nov 2021
CCC Keynote Theatre

For too long, the contact center customer experience has been both driven and constrained by the limitations of core systems typically characterized by disjointed workflows arising from legacy IT, coupled with manually intensive and cumbersome data handling.

The problem has long-since been recognized but the challenge has always been to cost-justify a rip-and-replace transformation programme. Until now, this has meant the status quo has endured.

But now, in conjunction with your existing contact center solution, Blue Prism's Intelligent Digital Workforce empowers customer service agents to design & deliver highly connected, intelligent customer experiences at speed and scale and enables you as a business to take back control of the customer experience.

New workflows, processes and systems of engagement can be designed by operational users, sitting on top of existing core systems, to make the best use of the existing IT assets at low risk. Speed and accuracy is assured by a Digital Workforce.

So, with more time to engage, call agents can better focus on the customer; to understand their needs, exceed their expectations and create extraordinary, memorable experiences, all leading to higher customer retention and better opportunities for cross-sell and upsell.

Peter Walker, CTO EMEA - Blue Prism

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