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Supporting agents and customers through change: An enforcement agency's story

17 Nov 2021
The Future of Customer Contact Theatre
Rolling out new tech to multiple contact centres is no mean feat. That's exactly what Debt Recovery Plus, Bristow & Sutor and Credit Style Limited discovered when bringing systems together under one roof. It was a complicated process for all involved, but they didn't let that impact the customer or employee experience. When it comes to collecting debt, companies delivering the most exceptional service remain focused on honest and compliant communication. That is why Debt Recovery Plus, Bristow & Sutor and Credit Style Limited are leaders in this space. Join RingCentral Customer Success Manager, Natalie McGathan for a discussion with Rebecca Green, Contact Centre Manager and Colin Arthur, Transformation Director about: How the businesses transitioned all employees to one communications system. The capabilities that made it simple to switch to remote during the pandemic and how this benefitted agents. Examples of how the organisation is using data to track communication response indicators and opportunities for further training. Plans for transformation in 2022 and beyond.
Natalie McGathan, Customer Success Manager - RingCentral
Rebecca Green, Contact Center Manager - Bristow & Sutor
Colin Arthur, Transformation Director - Bristow & Sutor

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