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Journey Map Hierarchies: How to operationalise journey mapping across organisational silos

16 Nov 2021
The Digital Customer Theatre

Unfortunately, silos persists in agile-land. Agile projects often still lack a shared language, mutual tools, or a common perspective between all involved teams and departments. Each organizational silo, such as teams, departments, disciplines, work in a different way with a dedicated language and incompatible set of software tools. Journey maps can be used as a visual management tool connecting the silos of your organization. They enable you to see how all (CX-related) projects and initiatives in your company impact your customers’ experience on one map. Building a hierarchy of maps helps to zoom into details, find overlaps and contradictions between projects at an early stage and thus helps an organisation to save time and money.

Michael Steingress, Head of Partnership and Sales - Smaply by More than Metrics GmbH

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