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How did Costa Express brew a whole new customer experience?

16 Nov 2021
CCC Keynote Theatre

Only a few years ago, Costa Express' contact centre employees worked entirely in-house at company headquarters. All agents had desk phones, and none ever worked remotely. Fast forward to 2019, parent organisation Costa Coffee rolled out a cloud-based solution. This gave all staff the ability to make and receive business calls from anywhere. So, in early 2020 – for reasons that had nothing to do with COVID-19 – the management team decided to give cloud contact centre technology a trial run to determine if the customer support team could function efficiently away from their desks. You know the story from there. The world changed almost overnight, and Costa Express agents switched to remote.

Join Deborah Woods, Contact Centre Manager, Costa Express and Louise Dew, Customer Service Team Manager, Costa Express, for a lively session with RingCentral where you'll learn:

  • How new tech helped Costa Express managers support agents through times of change
  • The benefits teams and customers experienced thanks to real-time analytics and alerts
  • How skills-based routing changed the face of technical customer support
  • Bumps in the road throughout the pandemic, and how Costa Express overcame them.
Deborah Woods, Contact Centre Manager - Costa Express
Louise Dew, Customer Service Team Manager - Costa Express
Emma Murray, Customer Success Manager - RingCentral

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