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How Conversational AI is transforming customer experience today

17 Nov 2021
Customer and User Experience Theatre

As customers' expectations have changed, the demand for instantaneous responses has steadily increased. Instead of waiting on hold for hours, our platform provides a decreased waiting time for customers with reliable responses. Thus, both customer satisfaction and retention for your company are greatly increased. Simultaneously, service agents are empowered to focus on more complex inquiries, lowering their churn rate. 

e-bot7 is one of the leading Conversational AI platforms for customer service automation. We give companies back something there's just not enough of - time. With our solution, you are able to increase efficiency in customer service by processing automated responses on different channels, while supporting service agents with AI-based response suggestions.

Enable your customers to communicate with you in over 25 different languages, no matter the time of day or device being used. Our multilingual NLP algorithm and Agent + AI hybrid solution enables our system to constantly be optimised during operation. It's time to empower the customer service experience.

Tune into our session and learn how to offer exceptional customer experiences online with Conversational AI.

Fred van Westerop, Country Manager - e-bot7 GmbH

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