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Giving first line agents the tools to solve third line issues, increasing agent utilization and NPS scores.

16 Nov 2021
Next Generation Contact Centre Theatre

The key for optimization of call centres has for a long time focused on technology meeting people, pushing real life interaction further away in the hunt for agent utilization solving real issues. The questions we must ask ourselves is when that objective becomes the obstacle, or are we already there? We often talk a lot about technology trends like:

  • AI which Is No Longer a Novelty But Is Here to Stay
  • Analytics — The Driving Force
  • Omnichannel Communication — The New Norm
  • Advanced Self-Service Tools
  • Increased Adoption of Recall Technology
  • Digital Transformation
  • Social Media Communication
  • Cloud Communication Centres
  • IVR
  • Customer Satisfaction Measurement

Where all the above are great information channels helping people one step further in their need for knowledge to solve their actual problem, but do they really solve it or are these channels and technologies only a way to keep people straight in line?

Most issues still need a real person interaction to be solved, so why not equip your agents with tools to engage customers faster through remote guided interaction and solve issues aimed for third line experts already in first line interaction. XMReality Remote guidance enables that. Using simple yet powerful AR Hands overlay technology, an agent can in minutes assess and instruct the customer on how to solve its issue by guiding the customer through AR empowered video as if he or she was there.

During the sketch we will visualize, demonstrate, and solve a simple real-life issue in minutes using XMReality Remote GuidanceTM hands overlay technology connected to the customer.

All companies attending the session will have the ability to register for a free trail of the solutions at our stand AE84.

Erik Karlsson, Sales Manager & Business Advisor - XM Reality

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