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Conversational Automation - The next big revolution in Customer Experience

16 Nov 2021
Contact Centre Transformation Theatre

60% of all customer requests can be automated using AI and NLP bots. These bots can interact with clients over various channels such as Website, Messenger, Email, Voice Interface. With in-depth integrations into surrounding systems, these bots become even smarter and can cover even complex use cases. By using Low-Code integration platforms, the implementation costs can be reduced by up to 70%. The time is ready for a wide-use of intelligent conversational bots.

Key Takeaways:

  • Artificial Intelligence can automate up to 60% of all customer requests
  • Low-Code Middleware can speed up the integration with surrounding systems and cut the costs by 70%
  • Reduce the need for L1 support for Emails by 40% with over 85% accuracy on email classification and routing.
Bojan Laskovic, Marketing - Enterprise Bot

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