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Change your conversations, and change your business!

16 Nov 2021
The Connected Contact Centre Theatre

Customer conversations are the best source of insight on which to build your corporate strategy. Many conversations however are not analyzed and opportunities for transformation that are both meaningful and relevant are easily missed.

Through root cause analyses of all customer conversations, it becomes possible to intelligently inform business decision making and take action to the benefit of your customers, colleagues and operation - and ultimately your bottom line.

  • The 'next best action' for your business is locked inside the conversations you're having with your customers - set them free! 
  • Understanding what happened and why is critical to understanding what's going to happen and therefore - what to do about it.
  • Better customer and employee experience requires a greater understanding of customer behaviours and the root causes behind employees' service challenges - analytics is the key.
William Carson, Exhibitor and Speaker - ASCENSOS

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Genii Ai