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Case study: How to achieve 95% CSAT through a sea of change

16 Nov 2021
The Future of Customer Contact Theatre
Some of the world's most demanding organisations, from multinationals to the UK Parliament, entrust their digital infrastructure, cybersecurity and managed IT services to Littlefish. While the company supported its customers through and through, by 2019 the teams at Littlefish realised it was time to replace the communications system they had in place. The company was growing quickly and it was clear they needed advanced technology to help agents keep up and feel supported. How did they achieve this? Join RingCentral Customer Success Manager, Jack Sumner for a discussion with Daniela Norkus and Karen Wakelin at Littlefish for a session where you will learn: The steps involved in identifying a cloud-based solution that supports fast-growth. Examples of how new tools improved the agent and customer experience. Why advanced reporting capabilities provided Littlefish with significant ROI. How the team switched to remote in one week during the pandemic without impacting its 95% CSAT score.
Jack Sumner, Customer Success Manager - RingCentral
Daniela Norkus​, Telephony and ITSM - Littlefish
Karen Wakelin, Intraday and Scheduling Manager - Littlefish

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