2021 Programme (2022 coming soon)



Building a global digital first workplace. And why it pays off.

16 Nov 2021
CCC Keynote Theatre

Remote. Hybrid. In-office. After more than 18 months of uncertainty, teams are making the return to normality - only to discover that ‘normal' no longer exists. Businesses are struggling to identify their new workplace philosophy and the role of the office. Zendesk believes that the answer lies in the Digital First Workplace.

Prelini will discuss:

  • The importance of “structured flexibility” for employees in the “Digital First Workplace”
  • Why your employees are your most important customers - and how to make them stay
  • How to make sure no employee is left behind in the transition
  • Which companies will be bold & brave enough to enter a new era of how we live & work?
Prelini Udayan-Chiechi, VP of Marketing EMEA - Zendesk

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