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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


JPL Telecom: Sponsor of Theatre 17

Theatre 17: Sponsored By JPL Telecom

JPL Telecom is a UK based headset manufacture whose team is changing the professional headset industry for the best. JPL have a mission to revolutionize the headset industry with an environmental drive. Our goal is to give our partner channel sustainable headsets that will change the headset industry and will stream line their offerings, increasing sales success and giving them a reliable, high quality and fair priced headset solution.

Please note the below schedule is from the 2019 Call & Contact Centre Expo. The 2020 schedule will be released closer to the event.

    • Wednesday

      Trevor J Geraghty: Speaking in the Theatre 17

      11.00 - 11.30

      Trevor J Geraghty
      Difference Corporation

      Surviving the bots? Only amazing customer service will save you

      Conventional retail, banking and non-value-added logistics are dead. The consumer is KING and amazing customer service is the only silver bullet. The next 24 months will see old models turned on their heads, with much of what businesses know needing to be re-imagined. Start here, considering every customer touchpoint, learn how to improve service, reduce the cost to serve and deliver a highly effective sales/referral culture built on personalisation.

      Paul White: Speaking in the Theatre 17

      11.45 - 12.15

      Paul White
      IFS World

      The Future is Conversational AI, Are You Ready?

      The potential for AI and virtual assistance is vast but knowing how to develop an effective customer service AI strategy can be confusing. This session will explore case studies analysing how to best deploy voice and text based conversational AI in the contact centre in an inclusive strategy alongside human assisted service.

      Morgan de Ruiter: Speaking in the Theatre 17

      12.30 - 13.00

      Morgan de Ruiter
      JPL Telecom Limited

      The end of Contact Centre headsets as we know it

      A future outlook on how the professional Contact Centre headset as we know it today, will evolve, driven by global market developments, Environmental impacts and Sustainability responsibilities for both customers and vendors.

      Danny Singer: Speaking in the Theatre 17

      13.15 - 13.45

      Danny Singer

      LPD™ - Reinventing Answer Machine Detection for the age of AI

      As Artificial Intelligence continues to permeate every aspect of our lives, we take a look at new technology which utilises AI techniques to solve an age-old problem. Accurate and safe Answer Machine Detection (AMD) has eluded the outbound industry for decades. Artificial Intelligence methods have now opened the way to a rehabilitation of this much maligned and discredited practice with wide ranging ramifications for radically increased efficiency in the outbound industry.

      Edward Winfield: Speaking in the Theatre 17

      14.00 - 14.30

      Edward Winfield
      Content Guru

      Agents & Automation: Enhanced Omni-Channel Customer Engagement

      The phrase “artificial intelligence” often conjures up images of futuristic robots replacing your contact centre agents, but where are we really at with AI today? How can it be used to augment agent experience and effectiveness, whilst enhancing every customer interaction? Join digital transformation expert, Edward Winfield, with over a decade of experience in the field, to learn how to create consistent and connected customer journeys.

      Fran Fish: Speaking in the Theatre 17

      14.45 - 15.15

      Fran Fish

      AI: 7 conversation rules that boost satisfaction and cut contact

      We’ll share our Magnificent 7 conversation rules – simple principles that will help you design great conversations, to empower your customers and your customer-facing people. We’ll walk through how AI and humans can work in harmony, ultimately helping you to improve service, reduce contact and build strong relationships with your customers.

      Tony Smith: Speaking in the Theatre 17

      15.30 - 16.00

      Tony Smith
      PCI Pal

      How consumer demand is driving compliance

      Awareness of data security is something that is on everyone’s radar. Yet, the cost of a data breach in the UK appears much higher than in the US according to consumer research conducted by PCI Pal. During this session, Tony Smith will share findings on UK and US customer service preferences and payment security concerns when sharing information online and over the telephone, and the differences that have been highlighted between the two countries.