Tom Davies


Tom Davies is Technical Director at Ultracomms.
With a background in Electronic and Software Engineering, Tom co-founded Ultracomms in 2004, building the first cloud contact centre service offering in Europe. In 2007, Tom led the team that developed the Ultracomms Secure Phone Payments product portfolio in response to the emerging PCI standards, and has since worked with Ultracomms customers and QSA partners to secure their contact centre payment processes. Tom helped Ultracomms achieve their own PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider status for delivering contact centre services from the cloud in 2016. Tom has accumulated a wealth of experience across both the Contact Centre and PCI DSS spectrum.

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Telephone payments - are you staying on the right side of the law?

Every contact centre that accepts credit and debit card payments over the telephone should be PCI DSS compliant. But what does that really mean? And how can customers be sure that their card data is completely safe? Tom Davies, Technical Director at Ultracomms gives some guidance on the best ways to secure your telephone payment processes and reduce the risk of card fraud for your customers, and your business.