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27 & 28 MARCH 2019


Teon Rosandic, VP EMEA, Talkdesk: Speaking at the Call and Contact Centre Expo

Teon Rosandic, VP EMEA, Talkdesk


How to Minimise the Impact of Contact Centre Outages

Unexpected downtime is a potential problem for any contact centre, whether the cause is a natural disaster, localised power outage, or system failure. Successful businesses understand the impact of these outages and take the necessary steps to develop redundancies, plan contingencies and avoid potentially harmful circumstances.

In this session, Talkdesk''s Teon Rosandic shares how to quantify the harm that outages cause to your business and provides guidance to help your employees and customers through unexpected downtime and, most importantly, provide ways to minimise or altogether avoid future outages.

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