Stuart Eames

Operational Improvement Manager for Waitrose

Stuart is a passionate and enthusiastic leader in process improvement and lean methodology, working within Waitrose, a tier one British Grocer.

Having spent 16 years running supermarkets and understanding first hand how inefficiency and poor processes lead to employee frustration, Stuart is now leading Operational Improvement for Waitrose, having delivered over £3.5m savings to date.

Stuart launched the Waitrose Partner Ideas scheme in 2015, managing ideas from grass roots. Recently recognised by the Employee Engage Awards 2016. Stuart specialises in employee engagement and has presented on both the subject of engagement and also how employee ideas bring benefits to an organisation.

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Harnessing the Voice of the Employee to drive business innovation in Waitrose

Do bottom-up ideas from Grass root employees work, how painful is it to manage, does it cost you a fortune to implement…….Why ask for them in the first place. Let''s explore what happens when you seek the voice of the employee.