Steve Prodger


For more than 20 years, Steve has been a Customer Service thought leader, through building B2B Enterprise Technology companies focused on designing great customer experiences across multiple industries. He has a strong track record of bringing disruptive technologies to market that allow Brands to analyse, design and manage world-class Customer Experiences, in order to become memorable in the minds of their customers. He is a member of the Senior Leadership Team, guiding a group of Customer Experience and Innovation specialists at SmartAction, working on creatively infusing the right balance of self-service technologies, through Artificial Intelligence, into a brand’s customer experience. He also currently sits as a valuable member on the Advisory Board for Call Center Week.

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Designing a Self-Service Strategy for a Seamless Customer Experience

This presentation will cover some common but overlooked areas where automation has a palpable impact on customer and agent experience. We will provide a realistic assessment of what can and can''t be automated and where to start for the biggest impact. From an intelligent front door, to complex 3-factor authentication an intelligent self-service solution can bring operational savings to your business without a complete overhaul of your call centre.