Rick Kirkham

Customer Touch Point

Rick has been designing and implementing customer journeys for over 12 years and this experience combines with a passion for understanding what makes people tick has led him to develop a unique methodology to enable contact centres to effectively influence customer behaviour. Through his wide experience of experience of implementing new customer journeys in Retail, Financial Services, Healthcare and Travel
Rick has a unique way of ensuring journeys work for your operation and your customers. To influence customer behaviour you have influenced how customers feel about every word. Rick brings uses technology, language and tone of voice to make this happen and will share some experiences and tips with you during this session.

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How To Influence Behaviour Within Customer Journeys

To design and implement successful customer journey you need to understand how to influence customer behaviour. To do this you need to be able to affect how customers feel at all stages of the journey and to have a clear customer and operational. Rick will talk about how to positively influence customer behaviour within your journeys and help you to achieve your customer contact goals.