John Abel

Head of Technology and Cloud for UK, Ireland and Israel at Oracle

John has been in IT for over 27 years spanning many different functions from developing to IT leadership. John''s current role at Oracle is to lead the Sales Consulting and Business Development team for UK, Ireland and Israel.
An area that John really enjoys is his strategy work and innovation domain. John has a passion for innovation with start-ups and customer start-up accelerators, crossing the boundary of technology and business.
John is an Oracle author and experienced speaker who uses’s real-life examples to explain how customers navigate challenges in business growth. The key to any business is the balance of heritage and innovation to drive new revenue streams. Using industry data and customer engagement allows John the visibility to be an industry thought the leader in Cloud and digital based technology across many industries and has written many articles on the subject for his successful blog and press interviews.
Seminar Title - Knowing your customer and making data talk

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Knowing your customer and making data talk

John will explain using customer business examples of how you get to know your customers using data. Getting data to talk to inform you when to engage with customers is critical, using predictive technology and machine learning enables you to obtain insight into customers. Then using emerging technology to provide new engagement methods from ChatBots to omnichannel engagements. One area which will be explored is how you can use the power of the heritage but execute like a start-up in the customer engagement. A connected landscape is critical to making the business provide digital solutions for the customer. John will use more customer examples to explain this approach and the lessons he has learned over the years to remove risk.