James Wood

Maximum Network Solutions

Heading up the sales function at Maximum, James has worked in telecoms for over 10 years. James has worked in client facing roles his entire career, gaining a strong understanding of what customers really want – and indeed what they don’t!
Not dissimilar to Maximum, it has often been said that James has a lighthearted and quirky style, an approach that will help break the usual monotony.
Did someone say MONOTONY?!? - Oh yeah… and we can help rid your contact centre of that too!
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Ever fallen in love with a salesperson, who promised to fulfil your IVR dreams, but instead delivered a bit of a lemon, then walked away as cool as a cucumber? Choosing a voice solution company to partner with shouldn’t be complex. But from this one decision, will come 90% of your happiness and success. Or misery. We’ll show you how to root out rotten tomatoes, identify and select your perfect partner.