Dr Nicola Millard

BT Global Services

Nicola Millard heads up Customer Insight & Futures in BT's Global Services Innovation Team. Despite working for a technology company, Nicola isn't a technologist and combines psychology with futurology to try and anticipate what might be lying around the corner for both customers and organisations (sadly, her crystal ball is broken).

Nicola is approaching her 27th year in BT. She has done many jobs around the BT business, including user interface design, customer service and business consulting.

Nicola got her PhD from Lancaster University in 2005, published her first book in 2009, and now spends most of her time doing research, writing blogs, articles and white papers.

She also travels around the world presenting at conferences and running workshops with an assortment of BT's large multinational corporate clients including banks, government, travel companies and retailers, to name but a few.

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