Dr. Lisa N. Michaud

Aspect Software

Lisa Michaud is the Director of Natural Language Processing (NLP) R&D at Aspect Software. She has been centrally involved in the integration of NLP components into Aspect’s customer self-service platform and the development of customer-facing chatbot technology. She has more than 20 years of NLP research experience, holds a PhD in Computer Science, and has been published in multiple international journals, workshops, and conferences in NLP and user-adaptive interaction.

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Why Contact Centres Need NLP Technologies

Advances in our ability to process language computationally have opened new avenues for providing self-service options for customers. With robust Natural Language Processing, automated platforms can understand and answer common customer questions, handle straightforward transactions, and leave your human workforce free to handle the unique and more challenging customer interactions. This seminar addresses the science of human language understanding itself and what it brings to the contact centre.