Dr Ladan Baghai-Ravary

Aculab PLC

Dr Ladan Baghai-Ravary is an expert on speech technology. She has worked both in the industry and in academia since the 1990''s, including, most recently, 7 years at the University of Oxford. She has authored many publications, including a book on the use of voice and speech analysis over the telephone, and numerous papers in academic journals and conferences. She has worked on a number of speech and biometric related projects, including “Mining a Year of Speech” which analysed the largest corpus of speech recorded “in the wild”, the British National Corpus.
She is currently the Advanced Speech Processing Team Leader at Aculab PLC, where she is working on various projects centred on biometric applications of speech technology, including Speaker Verification, Speech Recognition and Telehealth Speech analysis. She also organised the collection and analysis of a large multi-national database of telephone speech from 25,000 speakers, for research into voice characteristics.

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Ultimate Voice-Based Security: Speaker Verification and Multi-Factor Authentication

When speaker verification is integrated with multi-factor authentication it can provide vastly improved security compared to traditional cumbersome question-based dialogues. Dr Ladan Baghai-Ravary will show how security can be maximised, without disturbing the smooth flow of customer transactions. Speaker verification can be incorporated transparently in telephone dialogues, providing an additional level of security and confidence. Scalable and affordable solutions such as Aculab's "VoiSentry" allow Speaker Verification to benefit businesses of all sizes.