Danny Singer


Danny Singer is the founder and CEO of Noetica, a contact centre technology company specialising in efficient agent productivity tools, telephony platforms and advanced diallers. In 2018, Noetica is celebrating 21 years of excellence and innovation in the global contact centre industry with a client base spanning four continents.

Prior to founding Noetica, Danny was CTO of a London based software house, following several years serving as an officer in a hi-tech unit of the Israeli military intelligence.

He is a regular speaker at industry events and is the inventor of patented new technologies used within the contact centre space.

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Responsible Outbound: Predictive Dialling with 0% Dropped Calls

As Ofcom ‘clarifies’ its position regarding dialler dropped calls by removing the 3% ‘safe harbour’, organisations using predictive diallers for a range of perfectly legitimate purposes live in constant fear of breaking the law. This has stimulated the contact centre technology sector to come up with new ways of delivering the benefits of full predictive dialling without abandoning any calls. One such technology will be described in some detail.