Concetta Balestra Fagan, Ph.D


Concetta Balestra Fagan designs advanced natural language solutions that automate B2C customer care business processes, driving transformation of customer experience and savings in operational costs. She was awarded magna cum laude for her doctoral research in linguistics from the Free University of Berlin, and has since gone on to develop voice- and text-based applications for Fortune 100 companies that are used by millions of people daily. Forever a student of people and machines, she is a major advocate for AI as a paradigm that simplifies and improves people's lives.

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Designing customer interaction experiences from the consumer point of view.

Over 40% of customers are already frustrated before they reach out to an organization to resolve issue. Consumers want to get things done quickly and easily and their expectations are at an all-time high – no matter the channel they use to get there. Lower levels of customer effort have shown to increase customer satisfaction, brand loyalty and revenue opportunities. Are your customers satisfied with the path you put them on or do they see it more like navigating a maze?