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18 & 19 MARCH 2020



Avaya is a recognised innovator and leading global provider for customer engagement solutions. The company provides technologies for unified communications and collaboration and contact center, along with related services to large enterprises, midmarket companies, small businesses and government organizations around the world.

Avaya Engagement Solutions bring people together with the right information at the right time in the right context, helping to enable a higher level of engagement between customers, teams, employees and partners to improve efficiency and quickly address critical business challenges. Designed to be highly scalable, reliable, secure and flexible, these solutions help reduce costs and simplify management while providing a platform for next-generation engagement and collaboration. Furthermore, they are available in a variety of deployment models including public, hybrid and private cloud as well as on a customer`s premises. Avaya offers solutions in two major categories for better engagement and superior customer experiences: Team Engagement Solutions and Customer Engagement Solutions. Both are supported by Avaya`s portfolio of professional and support services.

Avaya Team Engagement Solutions empower people to communicate and collaborate using any modality, independent of location, network or device. The solutions run on an enterprise-class platform that is highly open, reliable, scalable, and secure. Avaya also provides the platform and tools, within the Avaya Engagement Environment, that enable enterprise business analysts, developers and ISVs to rapidly create and deploy communication applications that are embedded into their business processes and applications.

Customer Engagement Solutions
Avaya is a global leader in the contact center market, offering highly reliable, intelligent and scalable solutions that help businesses deliver an exceptional customer experience, build customer loyalty, reduce total cost of ownership and compete more effectively.
Avaya helps organizations transform customer service to rich, sustainable customer relationships from `one-off` transactions. Avaya`s solutions help organizations understand each customer`s unique needs and preferences and dynamically manage their experience by bringing the right resources to each interaction for a higher rate of resolution on a customer`s first contact.

Avaya`s Customer Engagement Solutions support multi-channel interactions, intelligent routing, self-service and proactive communication to improve customer engagement. In addition, extensive workforce optimization, analytics and reporting capabilities provide companies with actionable insights that can improve profitability and customer retention. Avaya`s Customer Engagement Solutions enable businesses to transform the customer experience, one great interaction at a time.

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