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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


Compliance and customer experience can be a match made in heaven

The need to meet security and compliance obligations has historically come at the expense of customer experience objectives.  While cumbersome caller verification processes nearly always have a negative impact on the customer journey, data protection understandably, must come first.  However, recent innovations in contact centre technology are starting to allow businesses to find a better balance between their security/compliance needs and delivering a positive customer experience.

Fighting back against telephone fraud

The rise of criminal techniques such as social engineering has made it difficult for contact centre agents to effectively tell a fraudulent caller from a genuine customer, even with proper training.  Fraud prevention strategies have become increasingly onerous in recent years, with more and more hoops for customers to jump through in order to verify their identity.  Unsurprisingly, this has led to growing frustration amongst customers and the business teams tasked with ensuring a positive experience.

Removing the human element from the security equation can eliminate social engineering opportunities whilst significantly improving the experience for genuine customers.  The latest phone fraud detection technology works alongside more traditional authentication techniques, scoring every caller against a range of risk factors such as geo-location, phone number reputation and audio characteristics.  The caller cannot control many of these factors and as the technology works in the background, they are usually unaware it is even taking place. 

Agents receive an on-screen pop up displaying the overall risk score for the caller, along with instructions on how best to proceed.  Callers deemed to be high risk are taken through more stringent identity checks, while lower risk callers benefit from a less laborious identity checking procedure and therefore receive a more streamlined customer experience.

Customer contact should be effortless

Recent research from the Gartner CEB Customer Contact Leadership Council suggests that the key to customer satisfaction and loyalty is providing an effortless contact centre experience.  While the volume of fraudulent calls is unlikely to ease off any time soon, businesses can now use technology such as phone fraud detection to take decisive action without sacrificing the customer experience.  As a result, businesses are able to focus on making customer experience a strategic business differentiator again, rather than an optional extra.