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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


Disruption in Telesales Technology – SaaS Outbound Platform Autom8 Connect

Autom8 Ltd has just announced the launch of its new outbound cloud contact centre platform, available to sales teams worldwide. Shahad Ahmed created the company in 2015 and he's a dab hand with bespoke outbound contact deployments:"I've been in the contact centre and sales industry for over 10 years now. I've noticed a lot that could be done better when providing customer-facing teams with the tools they need.

The vendors that provide a good service often charge huge amounts for license fees even to small companies, because they don't segment the needs of their customers.“The team and I wanted to offer a powerful service with all the tools sales teams need, and we wanted to make it instantly available without charging for anything we didn't need to.“Because of that, we shifted our whole business model around to offer Autom8 Connect, in the hope of making connections easier for our customers." Autom8 Connect is a cloud outbound platform that claims to make connecting your sales team to your customers as easy as possible.

Out with the Old, in with the Bold

According to Shahad, it's delivered by a young, energetic team that doesn't believe in being corporate or dull. They're about being functional, getting the best possible result and enjoying what they do - which shows through on their site.To move away from being prohibitively expensive or offering a complicated technical product, they went back to the drawing board on their business model. They designed the service sitting in their customers' shoes. Asking "what's important to the people using our platform?", they focused on flexible API integration, detailed reporting, simple pricing and outstanding product support."If we can't support our customers, we might as well pack up and go home. From now on, we offer all Auto8 Connect customers a dedicated Customer Success Manager for their first month. This person is constantly by their side to make sure they get the most out of the platform"We believe that vendors should do everything they can to make connections easy for sales managers.

Gearing Up for Success

They've done away with license fees altogether – you only pay for the time you spend communicating with your customers. Even then, their charges are minimal – for UK to UK calls they've set their rates at just 0.8p land line and 2p mobile for every minute of talk time.Based in the UK, the solution is fit for use anywhere in the world. It's all delivered through your browser, and they claim to spin up your instance of the platform in minutes – apparently meaning there's no need to pay for expensive provisioning or set-up.They're launching at a time when every business needs to think about automating as many of their work-flows as possible and leveraging cloud deployments to keep costs down. They're even excited for the Christmas period – advising that Christmas is the perfect time to switch your service, since outbound campaigns are often significantly quieter.

The Beginning of a Major Journey

When asked about their long-term plans, Shahad is explicitly clear. They will press on until they've eliminated manual dialling from the industry and taken a significant portion of their competitors' client base in the blended sales operations arena."The solution as it stands is a powerful outbound tool augmented with intelligent inbound call routing. Our plans over the coming months are to further develop our inbound functionality, to move once and for all into the omni-channel space.Whether you're purely outbound dialling, or handling a mix of outbound and inbound sales, it might be worth checking out the free trial offered by Autom8 Connect.

These guys will be exhibiting at Sales & Innovation Expo in March 2017 at the ExCel, as well as offering a keynote speech. Autom8 Connect is definitely one to watch!