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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


Improve Contact Centre Performance Insight To Better Serve Customers

Improve Contact Centre Performance Insight To Better Serve Customers

Richard Mill from Business Systems (UK) Ltd explains why good, comprehensive management data is invaluable when it comes to operational insight in any business

The performance of a contact centre is a critical touchpoint for both customers and prospects – which is why any insight harvested is critical for improving sales, enhancing customer loyalty, maintaining compliance and reducing costs.

This may sound complex. But there is some really practical technology available that can provide you with applied results that will help drive your business forward. FTSE 250 organisation Equiniti Group plc, a British-based outsourcing business focused on financial and administration services is an example of a company doing just that.

Equiniti provides share registration services and associated investor schemes. It also offers administration services for employee share plans, pensions and employee benefits schemes to a number of well-known high street brands. Every year the Equiniti contact centre assists over 2.6 million customers. Its 400-strong workforce handles nearly 90 million documents and processes £90bn in payments.

To achieve a consistently high level of service, continuous advancements are essential. To this end the company deployed Business Systems (UK) Ltd’s Nexidia Speech Analytics. The solution now plays a central role in pinpointing processes that need refining.

A major transformation

Following bespoke training from Business Systems, Equiniti looked first at processes that needed immediate attention. It recognised, for example, that its share dealing service was not delivering the level of customer experience expected. Customers were perplexed by the process and the information they were required to provide.

Utilising the Speech Analytics tool, Equiniti found that some calls were not being completed end-to-end. Based on this data, it was able to search data sets and identify phrases over different periods. The findings were used to track down the problems in the process and create a new script for agents.

As a direct result, its Customer Experience Centre saw their average call length fall from 5 minutes to 3 minutes, together with an increase in first point resolution and an enhanced customer experience.

In addition to identifying processes to improve, Speech Analytics from Business Systems has given Equiniti greater insight into the customer experience, customer behaviours and the productivity of their agents, alongside the effectiveness of compliance monitoring.

Moving forward

Along with the rebrand of the ‘Contact Centre’ to the ‘Customer Experience Centre’, Equiniti is now placing greater importance on improving the customer experience going forward by analysing communications to gain a better understanding of the interactions between agents and customers.

The author is Managing Director of Business Systems (UK) Ltd, a specialist in providing call recording and workforce optimisation solutions.

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