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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


2019 Shaping the Journey of the Connect Customer Virtual Contact Center Conference

SARASOTA, FL, February 2019 - CRMXchange presents “Shaping the Journey of the Connected Customer Virtual Conference”. This online event, held April 1 – 5, 2019,, spotlights proven best practices for creating customer loyalty and retention strategies.

The live events are structured to benefit contact center leaders at all levels - managers, director and C-level executives - helping you build advocacy and improved results by:

1. Optimizing the Customer Experience

2. Understanding how Metrics Impact and Interrelate with each other

3. Employing Customer Journey Analytics

4. Steps to Employing AI

The keynote presentation The Devil is in the Details and the Doing: Beyond the Basic Journey Map, will be delivered by Diane Magers, a Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP), a CXPA CX Expert, and NPS, Voice of Customer and Customer Experience Management certified.

Additional conference sessions:

-Managing the Agent Experience through Change Management

-Make Customer Experience a Competitive Weapon – Strategies for Improvement

-How Customer Journey Analytics Provide Customers with a Personalized Experience

-Three Crucial Steps That Turn AI Dreams into Successful Business Reality

-3 Key Steps to Scale and Streamline 80% of Your Support Organization and Still Increase CSAT

-Roundtable: How to Choose, What to Choose, When to Choose

There is no cost to attend this conference. For more information please visit  For more information about this or other virtual conferences presented by CRMXchange, contact or call 941-702-8389.

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