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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


The Latest Trends in the Contact Centre and Beyond

It’s an exciting time for the contact centre. With Digital Transformation and technologies like Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Omni-Channel strategies at the forefront of the conversation.

Without a doubt, Digital Transformation is changing the role of the contact centre agent. To exceed increasing customer expectations, there is greater expectation on agents to handle interactions across a wide range of channels, update multiple applications and provide personalised and efficient levels of customer care. The opportunity exists to take conversations beyond reactive and repetitive problem resolution and call handling towards proactive solution upselling, cross-selling and personalised service that will delight your customers.

Britannic Technologies are demonstrating an innovative suite of applications, open APIs and an orchestration layer, which will integrate into current call centre infrastructure, to enable the contact centre of the future. Combining new productivity boosting digital channels, with AI, Machine Learning and intelligent automation.  

This year Britannic are teaming up with Enghouse Interactive for the Call and Contact Centre Expo, to help businesses learn how they can build a contact centre of the future.

Thrive the changing times by adapting your contact centre model to create a customer experience powerhouse. Here are the latest updates in the contact centre and beyond that are helping businesses not just survive but thrive the digital revolution.

Customer sentiment and social media

Increasingly customer sentiment is becoming important for businesses to proactively monitor and actively engage with customers about.

Social media scanning and orchestration monitor all social channels alongside one another providing insight into the customer experience both globally and individually. It extends social channels and communication directly into the contact centre, empowering agents to actively respond to customer sentiment expressed on social media and connecting all communication methods to create one unified customer service journey.

AI proves worth the hype for most

Conversational AI such as Ami can be used to reduce costs whilst increasing the customer experience. She’s already helped Cruise 1st increase lead capture by 8x, increase call to sale capture by 2% and increase overall business revenue growth by 3%!

She’s ready to go after just a few lines of code and learns with every conversation. Utilising knowledge she draws on from your website Ami can deal with customers efficiently up until the point they require to speak with a human. Saving you time, money and most importantly providing your customers with the best serve. Your agents will be freer to deal with complex customer issues whilst Ami deals with incoming repetitive request.

“Ami is now a valued member of our sales team. She is delivering tangible revenue to the business. I see conversational AI as a really cost effective way of driving incremental sales and improving customer service. We are getting a higher conversion rate from the call centre. This has shown a business case to hire more staff to close more deals over the phone. In the media everyone thinks AI is going to get rid of jobs. In fact it has allowed us to man up.”

- Simon Hoe, Global Head of Digital and Ecommerce for Cruise 1st

Proactive customer engagement

The shift in customer service means that expectations are rising and patience is reducing. If your business cannot deliver what the customer wants, your customer will go to someone who can.

Contact centres should see this as an opportunity, not a challenge. More well informed customers equals more happy customers, which then results in more repeat business!

Businesses might assume that being more proactive means more expensive and that they will need more resource than they already have. But this is untrue, with consumption-based cloud models and automated solutions, the cost to serve reduces.

Enghouse Interactive offers solutions to proactively keep customers informed using proactive outbound and campaign management. You’re empowered to design your communications processes, with an extremely flexible, high performing solution.

Cloud is still at the forefront of flexible infrastructure

It’s been around for a while, but cloud is still a key talking point for contact centres and other areas of the business. Depending on the business, degrees of cloudiness may vary. Cloud provides your business with agility, flexibility, scalability and resilience, whilst reducing management overhead, meeting today’s security requirements and cost efficiencies. Britannic work with customers to plan out an effective and seamless move to the cloud through well-established change programs.

First-time resolution is key

Instant gratification and immediate results is a key issue arising from the increasing customer expectations. Pressures to dramatically increase the customer experience in response to this inevitably falls to the responsibility of the contact centre. To turn your contact centre into a customer experience powerhouse, you need it to become the hub of all your customer interactions and insight.  

Britannic Technologies can work with you to review and implement skills-based routing, call-back options, self-service, AI, Automation and CRM integration. All contributing towards solving customer problems ASAP.  

The contact centre of the future will consist of a blended workforce, with people and technology working in harmony. Create your own customer experience powerhouse in the contact centre. See it for yourself on stand 462.