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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


Let’s Take the High Road….Dickson Training Boosts Performance

Commercially effective, Customer-centric, memorable, highly interactive, great fun, energising & motivational…with a Scottish accent….these are some of the hallmarks of Dickson Training.

On Stand 872 – there’s something rather ‘Scottish’ happening…. is it the delicious, tangy aroma of Irn Bru – handed out to lucky visitors?

Is it the vision that is Julia & Phil in Highland dress, kilts, sporrans & plaid sashes regaled in tartan magnificence?

Or, perhaps, it’s the energising, innovative and memorable approach to training & development that gets Teams, Team Leaders & Managers on ‘The High Road’ to boost their performances.

Every Contact Centre and Sales Operation Team needs to be well trained, at every level, to be competitive, commercially effective and to win & retain customers’ commitment and confidence.

Dickson Training Ltd is perfectly positioned to design and deliver In-House Programmes for Call Centre Customer contact Team members, their Team Leaders & Managers and the Sales personnel throughout the UK, Europe, Asia & America.

The partnership with the Met Office is a perfect way to illustrate this…

When the BBC’s contract with the Met Office was coming to a close – our nation’s weather forecasting organisation needed to have new contracts with the other broadcasters such as ITV and Sky in order to sustain and develop their innovative services that are world-class.

Being a scientific community they were not as well versed in commercial and customer-centric behaviours as most Contact Centres – yet they recognised they had to upgrade their Teams’ approach, which would require effective Professional Customer Care training.

Phil Dickson, supported by Julia Belle, designed and delivered a series of Professional Customer Care programmes to the Meteorologists, from Exeter to Aberdeen, which incorporated the innovative REAL PLAY technique.

This is where Julia, a talented specialist in Improv, takes the part of a client experiencing issues - drawn from the research case studies – and enacts the scenario (e.g. – Council needs to know if they should grit the roads etc.) with Phil, the Trainer representing the Met Office Meteorologists.

How REAL PLAY works –

-The Actor and Trainer perform the role play(s) as instructed by their respective teams; however during the action they can be paused for further recommendations or direction.

-The outcome is the responsibility of the team(s) – not the performers.

The REAL PLAY sessions are debriefed to capture authentic learning points that are embedded – and they avoid the deeply unpopular, de-motivational & lazy option of pressurizing delegates to perform in ‘Role-Plays’.

This Programme was so successful that the Met Office earned the 1st prize in the Top 50 Professional Customer Improvements Award and Phil & Julia’s training was directly credited in their keynote acceptance speech at the London Conference.

Shortly after that a contract with Sky was signed up the Met Office - and the ITV agreement was renewed and enhanced.

This case study explains why Dickson Training enjoys a 97% return rate from clients wanting to return.

As the ‘Chieftain’ of the Dickson Training clan, Phil Dickson has a wealth of experience - deeper than Loch Ness - with more delighted clients than you will find colours in the ‘Flower of Scotland’ Tartan Phil & Julia are wearing on stand 872.  

Och Aye the noo!

Let’s Take the High Road

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