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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


The Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP)

The Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) credential is the marker of a committed customer experience professional who has demonstrated the wide range of knowledge essential to manage the customer experience in today’s challenging environment.
The CCXP credential demonstrates that a professional has the experience, education, and competence to lead and direct customer experience strategy, programs, and projects. Candidates for these credentials are looking to distinguish themselves in the workforce, validate their skills, stand out to employers, and maximize their earning potential.
If this describes you, we invite you to apply to test for this world-wide distinction. Start your personal journey to becoming a CCXP today!
Q: How do I know I’m ready to apply to take the exam?
A: The CCXP Exam is not for the faint at heart! So, how do you know if you’re ready to apply?

-Learn more about the benefits of becoming a CCXP and determine your eligibility on the website.

-Take a look at the Exam Blueprint to see how what you do on the job relates to the six core competencies and see where you need to fill in the gaps of your experience, knowledge, skills, and abilities.

-Finally, watch this recorded webinar where CXPA Executive Director, Lesley Lykins, CCXP, interviews Barbie Fink, CCXP and Jerry Seufert, CCXP, regarding the requisite knowledge needed to ensure you are prepared to take and pass the exam. 
Q: What is the financial investment to take the exam?
A: Your individual financial investment may vary depending up your circumstances. The total cost you will pay to the CXPA to apply and sit for the exam will depend upon your choice to do it as a CXPA member or as a non-member.

Individual Membership + CCXP Exam (joining as a new member), will cost a total of $690 (USD). If you choose this option you will use the following steps:


-At the bottom of this page, click "join now for $195".

-You will be required to create a profile.

-Once you create a profile, you'll be taken to membership options and will see the option to choose Individual Membership + CCXP Exam for $690.

Exam Only (current CXPA member) will cost a total of $495 (USD). To pay the exam fee, visit the CCXP Exam Fee link. If the fee of $495 does not show when you add it to your cart, please press the checkout button and you will be asked to log in with your credentials.

Exam Only (Non-Member): If you choose to pay for the exam only, the cost will be $645 (USD). Use the CCXP Exam Fee link. After you add it to your cart, you will be asked to create a profile or login using the credentials you created when you submitted your CCXP application.

Other Fees:

-Should your first attempt to take the exam not end in the desired outcome, you will be required to take the CCXP Re-Take fee of $199 (USD) for CXPA members or $349 (USD) for non-members, before you can register to schedule your exam re-take.

-Additionally, should you need to re-schedule or cancel your scheduled exam date inside of 29 days or less before your exam date, you will incur additional fees of $50 (USD) or more, payable to the exam company. The fees and policies do vary by location.

Maintenance Fee: When your desired results of PASS are achieved, you will pay a CCXP Maintenance fee of $199 (USD) for CXPA members or $349 (USD) for non-members, beginning every two years on the anniversary of your certification date. 
Q: How do I find out if there is an exam location in my area?
A: We work with two companies to provide over 600 locations worldwide. To find the location nearest you, please visit our Testing Locations page and follow the directions for the two individual companies. If you do not find a location through either company, please send us an email and we’ll add it to our wish list for each company. If, and when that location is added, we will let you know.
Q: How do I study for the exam?
A: Whether you are a member of the CXPA or not, we provide a number of public and member-only resources through Below is a list of different ways you can gain knowledge as a candidate. Please note: some resources require a CXPA membership to access. 

-Study for the exam using the CCXP Candidate Handbook.

-If you are a member of the CXPA, the CXPA Discussion Forum provides rich discussions surrounding the core competencies. Search through the discussions for postings regarding the six core competencies.

-Additionally, as a member of the CXPA, the CXPA Resource Library, also contains fantastic information. Search through the library for resources related to the six core competencies.

-If you are not currently a member of the CXPA, you can still view tons of great resources in our CX Toolbox.

-The CXPA also offers modular courses for purchase. As more are added, you’ll be able to purchase them here.

-Our CX Experts are always great resources as well. The ability to ask questions of the expert via a secure portal is a CXPA member benefit.

-Working with our current Authorized Resource Training Providers is another option for you if a little extra help is needed. Additional fees payable to the providers for exam preparation courses and materials may apply. The CXPA does not receive a financial incentive based on whether a candidate decides to use these approved providers of exam preparation. 

-Last, but not least, fellow CXPA member Mike Bartlett, CCXP,  created a CCXP Study Guide. It can be purchased on Amazon and is a great way to work though the question process.  
Q: I’m a CCXP! How do I earn continuing education credits (CEUs) towards renewal? How many do I need to earn?
A: After earning the CCXP designation, CCXPs are required to earn a minimum of 20 CEUS over a two-year period from the date they earn their CCXP designation. We ask all of our CCXPs to keep themselves up to date regarding all categories available in which to earn CEUs, as well as the maximum you can earn per category by visiting the Maintaining Your CCXP Status on

-CCXPs will earn 1 CEU for each hour of educational content attended.

-A maximum of 6 CEUs can be earned per day.

-A maximum of 10 CEUS can be earned in any one professional development category as listed on the Maintaining Your CCXP Status page.