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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


Meet the Keynote: Angela Bos, Technology Specialist at Microsoft

We are thrilled to have Angela Bos, Microsoft’s Technology Specialist, as one of our keynote speakers at Call & Contact Centre Expo 2019.  For your chance to listen to her incredible seminar, register for your ticket now!

Angela Bos is a Technology Specialist at Microsoft, working with customers to identify more effective and efficient means of collaboration using cloud technologies. Her professional experience extends over 15 years, having worked for major technology vendors in the United Kingdom, United States and Australia. She regularly speaks at technology events and user groups. Angela has worked a t Microsoft for 3 years, is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusivity and is the Women in Technology lead on the Women@Microsoft UK Board.

In her session entitled Intelligence in the Modern Workplace, Angela will explore how every day we see more and more things in our personal lives become intelligent. From our homes, to personal devices and even our cars. This intelligence is now the new norm, it saves us time and money whilst reducing complexity. As we are accessing intelligence in all her aspects of our everyday lives, is it not realistic to expect this at work as well?

This is a seminar you would be a fool to miss! Book the 27th & 28th March now and visit the Call & Contact Centre Expo to find out how Microsoft are enabling intelligence in the Modern Workplace. Grab your ticket now!