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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


2019 is Going to Bring New Changes to the Call Centre World

Living in a fast-changing world where technology seems to overtake us, all industries need to adapt and keep up to date with the newest trends and innovations. Call centres won’t be left out, and here are a few changes you can expect to see in 2019...

Using multiple/various channels to satisfy customers needs & requests

With the increase in use of technology, call centres might need to expand their ways of communication with customers, rather than being phone-based organisations. However, this can make it feel less of a call centre. If two decades ago customers were limited to using the phone for getting in touch with customer support, these days there are more forms of communication that people can choose from. To list a few examples, people can now use: text, email, send message through social media or chatbots. There are various solutions that businesses can use to offer their customers a great degree of choice.

Providing a great self-service option for customers  

These days people are used to having everything on request, there is no need for humans or sourcing data websites. Handling and using crucial information is becoming easier, being simply a matter of saying a vocal order at a virtual assistant. Call centres need to step up their game in order to meet people’s expectations for quick information. Self-service options should become more and more available, and all call centres will need to invest in order to provide this.

Having the information and using it correctly to redirect calls quickly

People who have used call centres to receive customer service are familiar with the struggle of being redirected to the right person and how frustrating the experience can be. However, digitisation promises to make the experience easier and more pleasant for those who use it. Using an inbound call management solution offers a better understanding of who is calling and why. Therefore, having all this information, the centre can automatically connect or redirect the call to the right person.