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Artificial Intelligence Masterclass

The value of L&D has been marginalised in the boardroom for many years and it has become imperative for it to find a way to showcase its value and relevancy to the C-Level leadership. With good intentions involving training falling by the wayside, coupled with the every-day challenge of consistent and effective global on-boarding, speaking the language of the leadership has never been more relevant. Armed with over two decades of Senior Executive experience, Adrian and Dan know how to speak the language of these leaders and how to deliver the information and knowledge demanded by them in terms they recognise and value, such as sustainable business growth and risk reduction.

At A Glance

  • Highlighting the quantifiable business benefits of L&D
  • AI—golden rules for success
  • The impact of AI and its ability to transform C-Level Thinking
  • 3 keys elements of a successful global on-boarding strategy
  • The value of training and what we are missing
  • What makes an effective knowledge retention strategy

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  • 11:00: L&D: Delivering Quantifiable Business Benefits
  • 12.00: Global On-Boarding
  • 13.00: Artificial Intelligence: L&D’s Lifesaver
  • 14.00: Making Training Stick
  • 15.00: L&D: Delivering Quantifiable Business Benefits
  • 16:00: Global On-Boarding


  • 11:00: Making Training Stick
  • 12.00: Artificial Intelligence: L&D’s Lifesaver
  • 13.00: Global On-boarding
  • 14.00: L&D: Delivering Quantifiable Business Benefits
  • 15.00: Making Training Stick

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