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18 & 19 MARCH 2020



Reinventing connected services, where people matter and technology is invisible.

The conventional service model is broken. It's time for a new approach - one that's built around the individual. At Woven, we're rethinking responsiveness because customers are not commodities and service is not a number on a balance sheet. We're creating a new level of connectedness.

People are looking for answers that feel natural and local, often across different devices and channels simultaneously. Without the right structure, customers with simple needs can create complex problems. Single or siloed channels just don't cut it anymore. That's why when we say we'll connect all these things in ways that flow, we will.

Our people are powered by clever tech and smarter ways of working, freeing them to be themselves. Together, we invent and test new ideas, refine and deploy them to deliver support that feels right for every audience, wherever and whoever they are.

To see and hear more of our fresh ideas, built around the latest technology, drop by stand 454.

Tel: 0333 103 7337

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