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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


WhosOn real-time live chat translation

WhosOn powers instant live chat translation in over 100 languages. A fully-featured contact centre chat solution, WhosOn offers this advanced translation rolled into your standard live chat service.

Your customers can chat to you live in their own language, while your call centre agents chat back in theirs. Seamlessly, instantly, and in the background, WhosOn translates the messages back and forth.

Live chat translation is powered by rich integrations with both Microsoft and Google. This provides you with best in class language translation with the highest accuracy levels available anywhere. So, WhosOn enables you to efficiently support and convert customers around the globe - without investing in offshore call centres or multilingual teams.

The financial impact of real-time live chat translation is enormous. For example, in a corporation with 400 customer service agents across 7 contact centres, WhosOn's capacity to support the 12 most common European languages alone saves up to £250,000 per month.

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