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The Prospect Factory

Established in 2008 The Prospect Factory ( ) has grown to become one of the top performing B2B leading Telemarketing and Lead Generation agencies in the UK.

The entire business has been built on the belief that our customers should only have to pay for the work we deliver, and not for our time - unlike our competitors who charge expensive monthly retained fees - with no guarantee of performance.

Partnering with a diverse range of 'Blue Chip' and SME clients, The Prospect Factory provide a unique method of `pay per lead' and 'pay per appointment' telemarketing.

Unlike our competitors, this is very low-risk telemarketing as if we do not set you any leads or appointments or if they are not of the agreed quality - there is no charge.

For the more complex and strategic campaigns, we have launched our Nurture 360 service offering which encompasses content distribution to multiple decision maker contacts, Lead scoring to ensure we contact the prospects at the optimum time and much more!

Each year, we generate in excess of 40,000 new business opportunities for our clients and as a direct result, they have generated more than £40 million of sales.

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