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18 & 19 MARCH 2020



Telsis Cloud Connect - agile and efficient next generation contact centre solution.

Telsis Cloud Connect is a 360-degree solution that transforms contact centres into more agile and efficient businesses. Our platform is built using the latest tech developments to ensure a peerless customer journey.

We pride ourselves on our technical prowess and commercial flexibility.

We offer tailored packages to meet the specific needs of SMEs and fixed and mobile operators. These custom packages are designed to help boost revenues by tailoring exactly what their business needs and includes the option for operators to host on their own networks.

The Telsis Cloud Connect setup process is seamless and simple. We have established tried and tested methodologies to ensure that the setup process is hassle-free and meets each businesses` specific needs.

Over 30 years in the market has given us the experience and insights for developing new solutions and enhancing existing ones that cater for all of client`s needs.

Tel: 01489 760000

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