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18 & 19 MARCH 2020



A comprehensive Customer Insight solution, Staffino provides real-time, actionable data. Helping businesses to understand and manage both Customer Experience and Customer Journey, Staffino is a versatile, cloud-based solution that is both easy to implement and use.

Through the system, you can gather real-time feedback from your customers in a variety of ways. This feedback relates directly to staff, products and/or services and is free-text, ensuring that it relates directly to the matters that are most important to your customers. Collecting Insight on these data points allows you to specifically identify high- and low-lights, ensuring the information you capture is not just representative, but actionable. Our approach to capturing this information ensures that you get maximum response rates.

Through the system, managers can correspond with your customers directly about their concerns, furthering relations and assuring that they are being listened to and issues are being addressed. Additionally, managers can discuss feedback with colleagues through the system, providing a quick means of addressing smaller operational issues. This is all supported by a useful set of analytics, providing a detailed, high-level view of interactions for assessment and comparison.

Additional modules include a build-your-own survey tool for gathering specific responses, as well as an automated rewards tool to increase engagement with your customers. Staffino also has a Staff Interface, allowing employees to access their own profiles, within which feedback can be shared directly with them, helping to boost morale and positively affect organisational culture.

Staffino provides the means to keep you in touch with your customers` experiences - letting them identify and highlight your organisation`s strengths and weaknesses. This enables you to reward and address accordingly, helping to streamline services efficiency whilst mitigating escalation or the social media spread of negative feedback.

Talk to us about your requirements and we will help tailor the most effective setup for your business.

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