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Spitch is an established Swiss company with a global presence specializing in Speech Analytics and Spoken Language Technologies. Alongside high accuracy and rich functionality, Spitch offers flexible client-centric models of engagement and a bespoke approach focused on delivering visible business benefits by voice-driven services.
The Spitch core technical team has over 50 years combined experience in R&D for Spoken Language Technologies (SLT), including Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Text-to-Speech synthesis (TTS), Voice Biometrics (VB), Information Retrieval (IR), and Natural Language Processing (NLP). Team experience includes both startups and major established industry brands like SVOX, Motorola, Cisco
Spitch positions their solutions as high-precision, advanced, modular, scalable Swiss-made tools for business improvement in the area of speech analytics. This area is currently experiencing rapid growth due in part to recent breakthroughs in machine learning science, which have helped pave the way for dramatically more accurate SLT applications.
Our depth of expertise and experience in speech recognition, synthesis and search engine technologies enables us to create new, unique, automatic and bespoke business solutions. We offer a client-centric approach focused on bespoke, enterprise class solutions, which are designed in response to the unique needs of each client.
One of many areas where clients benefit from the use of our technologies is in Contact Centres. We can analyse and take advantage of speech data in order to: reduce average call duration, decrease operational costs, improve customer experience metrics, and provide businesses with important client-centric business analytics. In addition, Spitch`s real-time speaker-verification solution can be utilized to improve security and client confidence in privacy sensitive interactions. Our semantic interpretation layer can be employed to provide intelligent routing services and customer intent understanding. Below is a list of the most sought after use cases that we are currently supporting:

Use Cases for Omni-Channel/Voice Channel Management:
• Voice-driven IVR for call steering
• Automated customer identification for call-back
• Automated forms fill in
• Automated questionnaires
• Automated answering

Use Cases for Customer Experience Management:
• Contact Centre Quality Assurance
• Automated post call/event survey
• Service Usability and Customer Satisfaction
• Contact centre agents coaching and WFO
• NPS measurement and improvement

Use Cases for Fraud and Risk Management:
• Automated speaker verification
• Fraud management based on customer voice communication

Use Cases for Speech/Data Analytics:
• Customer behavior analysis
• Sales personalization
• Speech media analytics
• Big data collection from customer conversations

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