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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


Sesui - Cloud Communications

Making vital connections, when it's critical your customer gets through we help make that vital connection. Our reputation for solving complex problems means we're selected by clients across the public and private sector. We work in real-time to solve your problems, counting response time in minutes, not days or weeks.

The bright British innovators and creators of award winning call management software - tailor made to help make your customer communications run smoothly. It's multi-channel covering voice, video, email, SMS and even FAX!

When we started out in 2003, one of our first clients was an urgent care provider. From the very beginning we understood that if that client called us out of hours and we didn`t respond, someone could be at risk. That wasn`t a chance we ever wanted to take. Risk is something all of our clients face across every industry, so we made the commitment to be available and responsive anytime of the day or night. And those values have never left us. It`s how we do business and it`s what sets us apart. In the same way that we pride ourselves on the reliability of our team, our Sesui Cloud Call Manager software never lets us, or our clients, down.

In our industry ownership matters, especially when it comes to delivering a flawless client experience. We`re the people at the helm of our business, ensuring a reliable service and making the decisions when they count. You can trust that we`ll never offer something that has no benefit or that won`t work. We`d rather give you the honest picture than to over promise and under deliver. That`s us... That`s Sesui.

Tel: 03445 600 600

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