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18 & 19 MARCH 2020



Sestek has been a global provider of speech-enabled smart technologies since 2000. The company draws its strength from its patented technologies, its pioneering role in the collaboration between academia and industry, and an ever-growing clientele from a wide range of business sectors. With advanced speech and AI technologies including Virtual Assistant, Chatbot, Voice Biometrics, Speech Analytics, and Text-to-Speech, Sestek ensures a smart way of business automation and customer engagement. The performance and stability of Sestek`s technologies and its flexibility in tailoring solutions to its customers` needs provide this fast-growing company with an unparalleled advantage over its competitors. Sestek`s success in local languages, total embeddedness in customer engagement platforms, and user-friendly conversational AI editing interfaces also distinguish the company.

Tel: +90 212 286 25 45

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