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18 & 19 MARCH 2020


RMG Networks

Making Metrics Actionable, Helping Contact Centres Perform Better.

Contact Centres face a series of challenges impacting their productivity and efficiency, potentially increasing costs and threatening to negatively affect customer satisfaction, customer loyalty and company revenues, if not handled in an appropriate way. Some crucial challenges include:

• Slow Adoption of New Performance Enhancing Technologies
• Lack of Recognition of Productive Employees
• Agent Retention
• Difficulty In Reaching All Employees - Non Effective Internal Comms
• Disparate Systems Used to Manage Various Channels Processes
• Difficulty Managing All Channels Consistently
• Lack of Real-Time Cross System or Functional Performance Dashboards

Contact centre managers must find appropriate solutions to these challenges if they wish to remain competitive and successful. The difficulty lies in how to inspire staff and get relevant information across to all employees and, in doing so, reduce average resolution times, agent attrition rates, errors and overall costs. All this whilst increasing employee engagement, service levels, profitability and customer satisfaction.
RMG Network is your partner in this quest. Our intelligent contact centre solutions deliver true value to your business by turning content and data into actionable insight for better work practices, more favourable behaviours, informed decision making and positive financial impact.

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